When you love love, love the thought of always being in love, love the romance behind love, you embrace it.

When you surround your world around love and things you are passionate about, then it is not work, it is a joy. I used to worry and be stressed about everything. I wanted to move two hours away from work, just so I had the ability to de-stress before coming home after a hard day. That doesn't happen now. I tell my couples that the cheesy grin they see on my face never leaves. When you are truly blessed to do what you love, how can you not smile? How can you not enjoy life? I encourage all of you visiting this area, to find what you love, embrace it and enjoy.

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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses




I have spent the past 20 years in the Financial Services Industry as a Planner, spending hours working with businesses and individuals to accomplish their short, mid and long term financial goals. Helped clients maintain monthly budgets and provided them with the tools they need to become financially secure. Throughout the years, I was asked by family and friends to help with the coordination of their weddings or business events. With my personality, attention to detail and professionalism, I thoroughly enjoy watching an event come together as well as to see the smiles on those faces that entrusted their days to me.  Event planning has given me a new found passion that I did not know existed.  My love of working with others, planning, coordinating and watching a dream or vision come true is very rewarding. I look forward to seeing what is next.

Stacy Burleson

Dreamer & Magic Maker

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Giving Back

Find a way to give back. Find something that fits you.

You Can Make A Difference

I Love my time working with children with physical and mental disabilities

My World

My girls are my life, what I work so hard for.

My husband

My HS Sweetheart, my rock, my biggest fan and my true love

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